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Hello Love,


You're a brilliant, creative, and passionate visionary working your whole life based on what others expect of you. However, you often find yourself feeling lost, doubtful, or stuck in a cycle of confusion that feels like there is no end insight.  Although, you find yourself not knowing what to do. You've got a deep desire to experience life, your way. On your own terms - without having to always doubt yourself. A life experience where you can be fully guided by your intuition and personal gifts.


You're at a place where you're ready to discover what obstacles, old stories, patterns, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs are getting in your way.


My question to you? if not now, when?


I created a customized holistic journey - where you will be able to DIVE DEEP within yourself. You'll discover the obstacles and roadblocks are preventing you from moving towards achieving what your soul's purpose and spirit are meant to fulfill in this lifetime. This journey is not for the faint of hearts. Transformation and healing take time and a powerful commitment to changing yourself from inside out without rushing the process.


During this journey, you will engage in a customized approach to help you heal and transform your life for a better you. Where all parts are of yourself, will be called to do THE WORK. You'll experience full soul-realignment and integration of your mind, body & spirit.

  • Holistic Personalized guided/healing sessions (60 mins)

  • Discovery session (90 mins) to design and create the foundation to help you with your


  • Intuitive guided/healing sessions to help you reset patterns and behaviors that have caused

    energetic blockages and trauma in your mind, body & spirit

  • Personalized assessment based on your personal gifts and how to use these gifts to create your best life experiences

  • Customized coaching/Intuitive healing assignments and rituals - with a focus on providing you with the tools to help you process, transform and self-heal

  • 100% support and access to all my healing modalities as well as to holistic coaching and spiritual guidance to help you reconnect to your true self

  • Email and Text access between sessions for extra support while you are on the journey. 


  • Shadow Work: How to embrace your shadows & integrate them as an essential part of the self

  • Intergenerational Trauma: Understanding your family/cultural dynamic and how it impacts you

  • Personal Intuitive Gift Assessment: Reclaiming and understanding your gifts and how to use it

  • Energy Bodies: Understanding how your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies work

  • Inner-Child: Reconnecting to your inner-child from a place of love and compassion

  • Natured Based Therapeutics: Reconnecting to the cycle of nature as your inner-guide


  • Stronger self-awareness in your day-to-day life

  • Clear energetic blocks that are keeping you from owning your power

  • New ways to manage your shadows of fear, doubt, anger, guilt, shame, insecurities and lack of self-worth

  • Able to set healthy boundaries to maintain healthy relationships with the self and others

  • Shift limiting beliefs, cultural and social conditioning that has prevented you from owning your voice and power

  • Become unapologetic about accepting your divine purpose and ancestral spiritual gifts

  • Full integration of your mind, body, spirit & soul

  • Develop and reclaim your powerful intuition


Please note: Depending on your specific needs and where you are in your self-discovery journey – you can choose to join me on the 4, or 6 months program.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”.

 Paulo Coelho

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