The first question is, “where are you right now?”

In you life, in your work, in the balance of all that makes you you?


My healing and coaching packages are designed to meet you where you are and honor what you need today and over the longer term.

And the next question is “what do you need to reconnect with your own power and potential?”

Our work begins when we start asking what needs to be healed, transformed, and awakened within you. Maybe you’re hoping for immediate relief or perhaps you know it’s time for a lasting, holistic solution…

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A key part of my work as a Holistic Life Coach and Heart-Centered Intuitive Healer is to help you discern what kind of support you need. In our first free call I can help you decide which services will help you bring more vitality, creativity, and possibility back into your life.

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Offerings and Services

Transformational Coaching

These packages are ideal when you’re looking for ongoing support on your quest to shift limiting beliefs and live your life to the fullest. We incorporate conversation, coaching, and mind-body-soul healing to help you transform your life.

Intuitive Energy


A single session or a series of sessions can help you find your way back to your own true essence. I offer a number of different modalities and trust that my intuition - and yours - will help us work for your highest good.  We can work together in person or long distance.

Healing Circles 

When you meet other like-minded women who are on their own journeys of healing and transformation, something amazing happens. I love creating community and gathering brilliant souls together.


What's a transformational coach?  

A transformational coach provides clients with a sacred space where they are empowered to connect, identify and shift any limiting beliefs that are preventing them from living life to the fullest.  ​

What’s your coaching style?

I take a holistic, practical approach to coaching where I combine mind, body and spirit with traditional coaching techniques. Think of it like a perfect dance between the left and right side of our brain - both parts create a beautiful harmonious dance. This approach allows my clients to connect deeply with their creativity, intuition and the resources available to them to create the transformation they desire. Humor is also part of my coaching palette as I often use it to help my clients connect to their inner child. My end goal is to encourage my clients to see their world through the endless possibilities available to them.  


Is coaching therapy?

No, therapy helps individuals relieve and heal past traumas and mental illness that are preventing them from leading a mentally stable life. Coaching is a forward approach to developing a better version of ourselves and is mainly focused on personal growth.

What does a typical session look like and how long?

Envision yourself having a very open and honest conversation in the comfort of your own personal or professional space where you set the agenda and I create a sacred safe space for you, to be YOU. Most of my coaching is done over the phone, Skype or in person if location permits. Sessions are typically 1 hour long, 3 times per month. During the call my clients are exposed to powerful questions as well as different pathways to help create self alignment to aid transformation. Together we set clear goals, actionable steps and challenges to help you move forward and to stay on track with coaching goals. Accountability is at the forefront of our coaching relationship.



All coaching programs may help you with:


  • Strong self awareness in your day to day life

  • Clear blocks that are keeping you from owning your purpose 

  • Experience life through limitless possibilities

  • Find your voice and unleash your creativity 

  • Develop new ways to handle stressful day to day life challenges

  • Become unapologetic about accepting your divine purpose 

  • Shift limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living life 

  • Pursue your life purpose with courage

  • Overcome any fears that held you back until now 

  • Be more aligned with mind, body and spirit

  • Connect to your creativity and intuition

  • Develop healthier relationships

  • Connect to self love and self worth

  • Pursue new careers with clarity and courage

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