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The first question is, “where are you right now?”

In you life, in your work, in the balance of all that makes you you?


My healing and holistic Intuitive journeys are designed to meet you where you are and honor what you need today and over the longer term.

And the next question is “what do you need to reconnect with your own power and potential?”

Our work begins when we start asking what needs to be healed, transformed, and awakened within you. Maybe you’re hoping for immediate relief or perhaps you know it’s time for a lasting, holistic solution…

Offerings and Services


Holistic Intuitive Guidance & Mentorship

This offering is ideal if you’re looking for ongoing support on your quest to shift limiting beliefs and live your life to the fullest. I combine holistic coaching, with ancient and ancestral healing modalities help you reconnect back to mind, body & soul. 


Shamanic Intuitive Energy

A single session or a series of sessions can help you find your way back to your own true essence. I offer a number of different modalities and trust that my intuition - and yours - will help us work for your highest good.  We can work together in person or long distance.


Healing Workshops + Shamanic ceremonies 

When you meet other like-minded women who are on their own journeys of healing and transformation, something amazing happens. I love creating community and gathering brilliant souls together.

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