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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” - Oscar Wilde




to tell

The story of growing up happy - or not.

The story of experiencing great change - or not.

The story of overcoming some sort of crisis - or not.

(Sometimes the struggle was so subtle or part of daily life for so long, you’d barely know how to talk about it.)

Your story is unique, but there’s one storyline I’m quite sure you can trace through your own life:

Regardless of how many hardships you’ve faced or blessings you’ve enjoyed,

you’ve worked hard,

seized opportunity,

and done so much with your one precious life.

And yet, I think you’re here because you’re the kind of person who has achieved a great deal but often feels like something isn’t right…

Everything looks pretty great on paper, but you’re moving through this semi-charmed life on autopilot.

You feel weighed down by thoughts like “I should feel great and be grateful.” After all, so much is going your way.

And yet. (There’s always an “and yet.”)

There’s a void where your passion ought to be.

If you’re honest, your job takes more than it gives. A lot of the time, you’re not really yourself in some of your closest relationships. And though it’s hard to admit, you’re filled with doubts. You feel trapped in a beautiful cage.


The story of a woman who did so much that she forgot how to be.

I’d like to tell you my story now because, even though the details might vary greatly, I think you’ll see yourself somewhere in its arc. 

The First Step in the Journey: Leaving Everything I Knew


Until I was twelve, I lived on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. If you were on a mission to raise an imaginative, open-hearted child who believed in herself, you would have mixed up a recipe much like this:

  • Progressive parents who believed in creativity and self-expression

  • A belief system based on respect for all beings and all religious paths

  • A deep connection to the magic of Mother Nature, spirit, the ancestors, and  native traditions

But then, it was time to leave paradise… Just before I entered my teens, we migrated to New York City. Without a word of English, I quickly had to adapt to the American Way. 


Where I Was “Supposed” To Be:

Doing the Work & Building a Life


Fortunately, I had a strong foundation, and I made my new life work. Before I knew it, I was married to my high school sweetheart and was off to college to study art and advertising.


The American Way became my way - especially if you associate it with a fast-paced lifestyle based on high achievement and trying to do it all. 


With two kids at home, I worked my way up in the fashion industry, taking on leadership roles and relentlessly pushing myself to be all things to all people.


You must understand, I loved so much of what I did - especially when it came to managing, coaching, and developing my creative teams. Empowering individuals so they could claim their untapped potential was the aspect of my work that I valued most.

But Success Had Its Price...


In 2010, I was at the top of my career. I was doing everything I could to take care of the people I love. Well, everyone but myself.


I was diagnosed with skin cancer, skin lupus, and photosensitivity disorder.


My relentless pace, years of internalized stress, and my total lack of self care had caught up with me and stopped me in my tracks.


After literally decades of denial, I had a choice that wasn’t really a choice: consciously stop and re-evaluate everything in order to transform the way I lived my life and cared for myself… or else.


Beneath the Denial, I Discovered

True Wisdom & True Support  


Deep down,  I knew I didn’t have cancer or lupus. 

Something inside of me was telling me these diseases were way more than   skin deep: they were showing me a problem that was rooted down in the depths of my soul.


Even though it would have been unthinkable before my diagnosis, I took a step back from work and asked for a position that had fewer responsibilities.


And then, I lavished my attention not only on my recovery, but on my transformation.


With the help of healers, doctors, coaches, and spiritual guides, I spent three years taking a holistic approach to life and health and practicing radical self care. 


And, Unexpectedly, I Discovered the Healer Within


In a way, this all came naturally since I was coming back to the mind-body-soul truths that I’d learned as a child. At the same time, this process of letting go and realigning my priorities was far from easy. 


I was addicted to people pleasing and caregiving. Asking for help seemed impossible at first, but then I realized that relying on others for support was what would reconnect me to my own essential wisdom. 


The healers who helped me regain my health also helped me regain my relationship with the healer who had always lived inside of me.


Some might have told me it was impossible, but I healed myself. 


I was cancer and lupus free. In the process, I answered my true calling and realized I was here to heal not only my own body, mind, and spirit, but to help others do the same for themselves.


And, in the process, I welcomed the real Hasani into the world. I was once again the curious, nurturing force of nature I’d been born to be!


After the Healing, the Adventure


Cancer free, rooted by truly powerful self-care practices, and liberated now that I had a totally different relationship with my work, anything seemed possible.


This was my chance to get curious about how I wanted to direct my amazing new sense of energy and aliveness. I was sure I could have climbed Mount Everest if I’d wanted to, but I was a New York City mama who needed to focus her newfound strength a little closer to home.


I focused my attention on one of those “someday I would love to do that” dreams: watching marathoners cross the finish line. 


A road race might not seem comparable to climbing the highest mountain on the planet, but I had never ever been a runner, so this was a big deal.

Running was the moving meditation I never knew I’d been looking for. 5K, 10K, a half marathon, and finally the big show: I completed the twenty-six miles of the NYC Marathon!


This was another tremendous confirmation: if I poured mind, body, and soul into a goal, I could make it happen. 


A Reality Check (Hasani Style)


Let’s check in for a second here… you might be thinking:

“I didn’t immigrate as a kid or face a life threatening illness.

And there is NO way you are going to sell me on running.

Hasani, I thought this story was a reflection of my story???”


And this is where I would laugh and remind you that you have

your story and I’d tell you how eager I am to hear it and help

you make sense of it. 


I am telling you this to help you see how dreams can become

reality - not through wishful thinking, but through true,

whole-self alignment.


You can transform your fear and potential tragedy into the fuel to push yourself out of your (dis)comfort zone and do things you might have thought impossible or unimaginable. 


When it all comes down to it, you can do anything as long as you are still breathing.  


The New Reality is All About Transformation & Healing


My story wasn’t necessarily destined to have a happy ending. I know that, and every day I feel a soul-deep gratitude for the internal wisdom and the network of support that helped me heal and transform. 


The healer within me who woke up during the three years I struggled with my diagnoses? She decided she would never back to sleep… 


And so, I started studying.


Light Language Sacred Geometry Energy Grids, Mayan Electromatic Chakra Work,  and Shamanic Soul retrieval are all part of my healer’s toolkit. 


Because I am passionate about growth and empowerment too - that’s what was so inspiring about managing creative teams, after all - I also got certified by ICF as a  holistic transformational coach.


And Here We Are: A Life &

Practice Dedicated to Transformation


In 2017, you might say my metamorphosis was complete - that’s when I left my corporate career once and for all and dedicated myself fully to my coaching and healing work. 


That said, I will never stop growing and learning how high these butterfly wings can carry me, how far my runner’s legs can take me, or how deep my intuitive insights can bring me into this journey to my own meaning and purpose.


My Growth is Dedicated to Your Growth Too


All that I have done to discover how to live on my own terms and get free of others’ expectations has prepared me to help you change and heal you life.

Let's talk about how I can guide you.

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