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Working with Hasani has been a very healing, enlightening and supportive process for me. I gained insight into what’s been keeping me from thriving personally and professionally. I leave our calls with a deeper understanding of self and Spirit. Hasani is extremely intuitive and has amazing energy. She's a great partner to help create what you say you want in your life, while lovingly holding you to account. She's often able to feel how I'm doing before I even share a word. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and heard. She absolutely holds space for her clients in a way only she can. That's her gift.


During my time working with Hasani, she has helped me get to the core of a pattern that has been keeping me stuck my entire life; it was mind-blowing to me. I wasn't able to fully wrap my arms around it until we started working together.  

I highly recommend Hasani as a coach and healer. I think she is a terrific human, her coaching is extremely effective and the holistic approach is just divine. If anyone is willing to do the work, Hasani is the person to do it with so you can claim all of your gifts and what you say you want in this world. She also has a way of asking the right questions to have you uncover things for yourself in a healing and supportive environment.

Senior Director, Sales


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