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Fear To Freedom
A Holistic Journey to Empower You
To D
iscover The Root Cause of your Fears, Energetic Blocks, Embrace Liberation, and Cultivate Alignment and Balance Within Yourself.

Thank You for landing here. 

Do you often find yourself ready to take on the next step in your life, career or in your relationships, but when the time comes you feel paralyzed from fear, self-doubt and lack the power, strength and inspiration to follow through?

You’ve tried to do the work on your own, but nothing changes. 

You’ve been battling the negative feelings of procrastination, lack of confidence, fear of rejection and fear of the unknown.  


As the passionate, creative, sensitive and loving person that you are, you know that you have what it takes to make things happen for yourself, BUT you don't know where to start or how to start, something keeps getting in the way. 


So you ask: why do I feel so disconnected from my own soul?

Why don’t I feel at home in my own mind, body and spirit? 


Take a Deep Breath…


I know that you spend so much of your time questioning yourself, I too found my self questioning my own self to the point that i thought i was losing my mind and my sense of self. 


It’s time to find your truth on the other side of all that doubt and come home to what you really know deep inside.

Here is how I can support you...


Hi, I'm Hasani,

a Heart-Centered Intuitive Healer, Coach and Teacher. My work is centered on the principles that we all have the right to live our life in harmony with our mind, body, spirit & soul.  


I provide intuitive guidance and support for those who have lost their sense of self, and find themselves stuck in a cycle that no longer serves them.  


By combining many ancient and ancestral healing modalities with a holistic approach, i take my clients on a self-discovery, self-healing and transformational journey called The Deep Dive.   My clients are passionate, hardworking, creative, conscious souls who are drawn to a holistic approach that supports their lifestyle. 


My method uncovers the blocks and fears that keep you small and stuck. Blending ancient modalities with modern mindset strategies we'll break free from societal and cultural expectations and help you achieve harmony, passion, and purpose in all you do.
Here's some of the work we could do together:
  • Shadow Work: How to embrace your shadows and integrate them as a part of you
  • Intergenerational Wounds: Understanding your family dynamic and how it impacts you
  • Personal Intuitive Gift Assessment: Reclaiming and understanding your gifts and how to use them
  • Energetic Bodies: Understanding how your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies work
  • Inner-Child: Reconnecting to your inner child from a place of love, compassion and understanding
  • Natured Based Therapeutics: Reconnecting to the cycle of nature as an inner guide
  • Color Therapy Assessment: Discover which colors describe your gifts, strengths, and deficiencies
If you feel called to rediscover your most empowered self, you're in the right place.

Let’s Work Together 

Healing takes courage, i believe, we'll have the 

power to find the healer within, with the right 

teacher and guidance. 

Hasani by mamavida 

Client Raves

Elana Haros 

Life Coach & Reiki Healer

“When I started to work with Hasani - I didn't’ know what to expect when working with a coach, however all that changed when I had my first discovery session. She immediately created an incredible safe space where I felt calm and safe to speak about the goals I had for my future. I turned to coaching because I had a lot of confusion and fear around my next career move...."

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Pamela Rolon

Head Visual Stylist + Pam Accessory Design 

"How can I define my coaching experience with Hasani? If you want to go deep, shift and transform the way you look at your life, Hasani's coaching will get you there. Before coming to her for coaching I had a lot of issues in my professional life. I was deeply dissatisfied with my job and the direction my career was going. .."

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Not sure where to begin your journey back to yourself?

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