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From Fear

Discover The Root Cause of your Fears, Energetic Blocks, and Embrace a Life of Resilience, Strength, and Inner Freedom.

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Do you often find yourself ready to take on the next step in your life, career or in your relationships, but when the time comes you feel paralyzed from fear, self-doubt and lack the power, strength and inspiration to follow through?

You’ve tried to do the work on your own, but nothing changes. You’ve been battling the negative feelings of procrastination, lack of confidence, fear of rejection and fear of the unknown.  


As the passionate, creative, sensitive and loving person that you are, you know that

you have what it takes to make things happen for yourself, BUT you don't know where

to start or how to start, something keeps getting in the way. 


So you ask: why do I feel so disconnected from my own soul? Why don’t I feel at home

in my own mind, body and spirit? 


I know that you spend so much of your time questioning yourself, I too found my self questioning my own self to the point that I thought I was losing my mind and my sense of self. It’s time to find your truth on the other side of all that doubt and come home to what you really know deep inside. Here is how I can support you...

Take a deep breath...

Hi, I'm Hasani! 

As an Intuitive Guide, Shamanic Energy Healer, and ICF Certified Holistic Coach, my work and mission is centered on the principles that we all have the right to live our lives in harmony with our mind, body, spirit. 

Through my integrative holistic approach, I provide a guided journey called THE DEEP DIVE where, I combine ancient and ancestral healing modalities with integrated mental and emotional therapeutic strategies and tools to guide you on your healing and transformation journey. 


My clients are passionate, hardworking, creative, conscious souls who are drawn to a holistic approach that supports their lifestyle. 

For years, I followed society's definition of success. But at the peak of my career, a health crisis stopped me in my tracks. To truly heal, I had to transform at my core...


Holistic Healing

Holistic Guidance

& Coaching

A holistic and integrated approach to guide you into discovering your core limiting beliefs, ancestral wounds, shadows, and the mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages that are getting in the way of you feeling whole, balanced, and aligned with your truest self.

Hands Healing Session

Shamanic Hands-on 

Energy Healing

A customized session or a series of sessions can help you find your way back to your own true essence due to soul loss. I combine my Afro-Caribbean Indigenous ancestral medicine tools + Shamanic nature-based practices to guide

you back to your truest self. 

Holistic Healing Session

Ceremonies &


Dive into transformative healing and self-discovery in a supportive community. Experience empowering workshops and soul-led shamanic ceremonies designed to unlock profound insights and celebrate

each step of your journey. 

Hasani appeared in my life at the exact moment I needed her to, it was fate. I was feeling very lost and really struggled with self-doubt and self-sabotage, but Hasan’s mentoring and guidance really helped me get myself out of that hole. Hasani gave me the tools that helped me identify the moments in my life when I was or wasn’t showing up as my authentic self. These tools continue to help navigate me and my journey of self-discovery. My experience with Hasani was profound and empowering and I can’t recommend working with her enough.

Bianca Torres, Holistic Esthetician

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