My mission is to give each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my "coaches" testimonials. I hope these testimonials gives YOU an opportunity to see the power of transformation through coaching.

"Hasani was an incredible coach and mentor for me. At anytime if I was struggling with decision making or the next steps we would discuss the root of the issues and how to map out the future. Working with Hasani helped me learn how to communicate more effectively and confidently as a woman leader which has allowed me to grow professionally. She places a strong emphasis on discovering what your true passions are and finding ways to keep those alive while balancing your time personally and professionally. What I have taken away from our time working together is a skill set of how to prioritize and be a stronger leader. This level of balance has brought me much success and happiness in my career and life. I would highly recommend working with Hasani, she will empower you in ways you didn't even know existed!"

Hunter Rolf


Doula @ The Mindful Birth

Working with Hasani has been a very healing, enlightening and supportive process for me.  I gained insight into what’s been keeping me from thriving personally and professionally.  I leave our calls with a deeper understanding of self and Spirit.  Hasani is extremely intuitive and has amazing energy.  She's a great partner to help create what you say you want in your life, while lovingly holding you to account.  She's often able to feel how I'm doing before I even share a word.  She has a way of making you feel comfortable and heard.   She absolutely holds space for her clients in a way only she can.  That's her gift.


During my time working with Hasani, she has helped me get to the core of a pattern that has been keeping me stuck my entire life; it was mind blowing to me.  I wasn't able to fully wrap my arms around it until we started working together.  


I highly recommend Hasani as a coach and healer. I think she is a terrific human, her coaching is extremely effective and the holistic approach is just divine.  If anyone is willing to do the work, Hasani is the person to do it with so you can claim all of your gifts and what you say you want in this world.  She also has a way to asking the right questions to have you uncover things for yourself in a healing and supportive environment.



Senior Director, Sales

Working with Hasani has been a refreshing necessary experience at this stage of my life. Hasani has a great approach to her coaching and healing, she is fantastic at listening and challenging my comfort level to help me connect to my best self. After working with Hasani for over 9 months, I’ve transformed many aspects of my personal and professional life. I now have personal assurance, restored confidence and alignment with my thoughts. I have recommended Hasani as a coach to friends and family members and will continue to recommend her services to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves.

Lena Johnson


Founder of Indigo Sky


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"I came to Hasani for coaching through hearing about her work from my sister. Meeting Hasani was like a breath of fresh air. I reached out to her at a time where my spirit was extremely low and I was feeling stuck. I was questioning myself and my life choices. Past, present and more frightening I was questioning my faith and the Creator. I desperately needed a new way forward. Hasani's coaching approach assisted me in connecting again to who I really am in my true essence. She understood my fears, and felt my passion! Something I usually do not experience with others. And after just a few sessions and some aha moments I felt like a different person- full of possibilities and a new way of experiencing my life. Through her weekly challenges, I was able to put actions into starting my business and my daily spiritual practice. 

I am soooooo grateful for the support and guidance she provided me. I will forever feel blessed to know her. In me she has a soul sister."

Chanel Keitt


Integrated Health Coach

"How can I define my coaching experience with Hasani? If you want to go deep, shift and transform the way you look at your life, Hasani's coaching will get you there. Before coming to her for coaching I had a lot of issues in my professional life. I was deeply dissatisfied with my job and the direction my career was going. I was really skeptical about what coaching could do for me. But After a few coaching sessions I realized I had the power to change my ways. Quitting was not an option nor was my job going to change. I found the need for a new job was deeply rooted in the fact that I was working at a place where I was not able to honor my values. Hasani challenged me to face my fears, honor my values and to shift my negative views on my career and performance. I had to look deep within my self and take responsibility for the self negative talk. After a few months of coaching, I started to see the areas where I could make changes. As result, I am still working in the same job, but with a new found mindset and approach to my career. Hiring a coach was an invaluable investment for me. I highly recommend Hasani as a coach."

Tyler Cobitt


Creative Services Manager

"Hasani is an outstanding Coach. Her innate ability to connect to her clients on a soul level is very special.  She creates a safe, sacred space for her clients to show up just the way they are. Her style is a beautiful dance between gently illuminating your essence and fiercely calling out your power.  In my coaching with Hasani, I have felt so much compassion and safety.  She created a space where I felt safe enough to stand in my vulnerability and find my power.   She helped me so much by being curious and through her curiosity and compassion I became curious about myself and created a space for self compassion. Hasani helped me access visibility into who I really am... my essence...  It was a tremendous growth opportunity for me. She radiates a beautiful divine light that is deeply grounded and also playful and dedicated. Hasani is balance incarnate."

Elana Haros


Life Coach & Reiki Healer

“When I started to work with Hasani - I didn't’ know what to expect when working with a coach, however all that changed when I had my first discovery session. She immediately created an incredible safe space where I felt calm and safe to speak about the goals I had for my future. I turned to coaching because I had a lot of confusion and fear around my next career move. At that time, I was working in a dead end job that was just allowing me to pay for bills and have a decent life style. However, my mind was constantly occupied by my dream of working in the creative visual industry. Coaching with Hasani allowed me to explore and identify the different limiting beliefs I had about myself. My inner critic was constantly preventing me from moving forward. To my inner critic, I was never good enough nor did I have the talent and qualifications to pursue my dream job. After several sessions and doing some deep work, I was finally able to connect to my true essence and gifts and I started to follow my intuition in every decision I made. Coaching helped me step out of my comfort zone and it provided me with the tools and strength to be fearless. As a result, I was able to find the courage to apply for my ideal job and after a couple of months of submitting resumes and many interviews, I was able to land the job of my dreams. Through the power of coaching I was able to finally tackle my fears, inner critic and connect to my true creative and powerful self.”

Pamela Rolon


Head Visual Stylist + Pam Accessory Design