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Hasani is a Intuitive Guide, Teacher and Holistic Certified Coach who guides, supports and provides intuitive guidance for people who lost their sense of self, and find them selves stuck in a cycle that no longer serves them. 


During her two decades in New York City’s creative fashion world, Hasani had the opportunity to develop and manage creative teams dedicated to visual marketing, designer collaborations, and more. Working for brands like Diesel, BCBG, and Armani Exchange, she experienced first hand the power of coaching and the importance of empowering people to embrace their gifts and strengths. This sort of support and guidance is what helps people achieve their career goals and helps change lives, and it’s exactly what she offers her private clients today.


Trained and certified in various healing modalities including Sacred Geometry Light Language Energy Grids, Shamanic Energy Healing, Mayan Electrometric Body Work, Hasani is also a credentialed Professional Transformational Life Coach.


Hasani brings her empathy, creativity, intuition, and her dedication to mind-body-spirit healing to every individual session and group event. Nurtured to be a free spirit from the very beginning, she uses humor and playfulness to invite her clients to connect to their inherent childlike wonder and curiosity.


As Hasani says, “My own heart and soul purpose is to encourage my clients to see the endless possibilities available to them and to invite people to become the master creators of their own lives.”

with love,


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