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Hasani guides you on a holistic, transformational journey of self-discovery to uncover your blocks, reconnect to your passion, and

lead with purpose.

Hasani Reyes is an Intuitive Guide and Shamanic Energy Healer who holds an ICF credential in Transformational Coaching. She guides clients through a holistic journey of self-discovery and soul-reconnection, helping them rediscover a passion-filled, purposeful life after a lifetime of living up to societal and cultural expectations.

After an unexpected health crisis at the peak of her corporate fashion career, where she led creative Visual Merchandising teams throughout the country in various fashion retail brands. Hasani experienced her own radical healing and transformation. This traumatic life experience led her to uncover her intuitive gifts, calling, and a deep reconnection to her own spiritual wisdom. 

Her work is centered on the principle that we all have the power to create change in our lives and live in alignment with our mind, body, and soul. She blends ancient Afro-Caribbean rituals, Shamanic Energy Healing, and Holistic Mindset Coaching strategies to guide her clients to reconnect with their inner wisdom and live a more intentional life.

With Love, 


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